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No1. Trades People 1845-1938

No2. Village Schools 1819-1984

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No5. Westbourne Union Life

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No7. Cleaning up Westbourne        

No8. Westbourne Worthies

No9. The Bastards of  Westbourne

No10. Westbourne’s War 1939-1945

No11. A Millenium in Tandem

No12. Sindles Farm

No13. Westbourne Memorials

No14. Cottage Economy

No15. The Village Schools 1810-2011

No16. Westbourne and the Great War

No17. Tradespeople of Westbourne

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Sindles Farm

The River Ems

The Westbourne Story

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This booklet tells two stories.  The  first reflects increasing concern about matters that we would now consider as “Public Health”.  The second may be caused by the first – a large increase in the number of “Authorities”.

The evolution of the powers of the Vestry and the Poor Law Guardians into the Rural Sanitary Authority and thus the Rural District Council is explained.

Having set the scene, the booklet goes on  to chart the development of Sewage, Water, Medicine, Housing improvement, Roads and Gas/Electricity.  The limitations of the new powers are well illustrated with an account of a householder of a rented property who complained as to its state.  It was condemned and the inhabitants moved to the Workhouse as no alternative accommodation was available.

It concludes with the absorption of Westbourne RDC into the much bigger Chichester RDC in 1933, for better or worse.