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No1. Trades People 1845-1938

No2. Village Schools 1819-1984

No4. Westbourne Then & Now

No5. Westbourne Union Life

No6. Westbourne Church Guide

No7. Cleaning up Westbourne        

No8. Westbourne Worthies

No9. The Bastards of  Westbourne

No10. Westbourne’s War 1939-1945

No11. A Millenium in Tandem

No12. Sindles Farm

No13. Westbourne Memorials

No14. Cottage Economy

No15. The Village Schools 1810-2011

No16. Westbourne and the Great War

No17. Tradespeople of Westbourne

Bourne in the Past

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Sindles Farm

The River Ems

The Westbourne Story

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The sight of the title “Westbourne Worthies” may prompt the question – what is “worthy”. The book asks itself the same question, and answers that those included are prominent persons because their contemporaries thought that they were.  So – prominent people of their time.

The flavour of the book can be assessed by  its chapter headings – Churchmen; Academics; Military Men; Administrators; Teachers (inc. Mr Covington, above); Entomologists; Tradesmen; Millers; Farmers; Doctors; Builders and Grocers& Bakers.

Those with some knowledge of Westbourne names from the past will enjoy reading a little more about Rev. Sperling, the Mee family, the Oldfields, the Morgans, the Terrys, the Edgells to name but a few and also many lesser known including Mr Buckler, the Entomologist.