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No1. Trades People 1845-1938

No2. Village Schools 1819-1984

No4. Westbourne Then & Now

No5. Westbourne Union Life

No6. Westbourne Church Guide

No7. Cleaning up Westbourne        

No8. Westbourne Worthies

No9. The Bastards of  Westbourne

No10. Westbourne’s War 1939-1945

No11. A Millenium in Tandem

No12. Sindles Farm

No13. Westbourne Memorials

No14. Cottage Economy

No15. The Village Schools 1810-2011

No16. Westbourne and the Great War

No17. Tradespeople of Westbourne

Bourne in the Past

Other Publications

Sindles Farm

The River Ems

The Westbourne Story

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Sindles Farm packs an enormous amount into a small volume, with a diversity running from a quick look at early history of the Parish right through to the (then) current paperwork necessary for government subsidies.

There is much here for the local historian, for those interested in farming folk and for those interested in farming methods.

John Veltom explains most clearly the financial challenges faced by farmers in 2003 – it would appear that little has changed.  He describes with humour and humility how a town boy left school in 1944 determined to be a farmer – and succeeded.

Early history of the farm is outlined, with details of the incumbent farmers from the early  days to the arrival of the Veltoms in 1954.  Along the way the reader will also learn of incidental matters such as Conservation of wildlife and woodland, Field names and Tied Cottages.